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Private Chef Destin FL

Private Chef / Catering 

Private Chef services on land, sea or in the air. The Board Chef offers Private Chef Services in your home, on a yacht or pontoon or on your plane leaving from Destin FBO.

To book The Board Chef, please provide the details of your event using the form below, and we will give a call to discuss your ideal menu, pricing and to make plans!

By Land

By Sea

By Air

Private Chef Destin FL

A One-of-a-Kind Private Chef Experience in Destin FL

Your home or rental view is the spectacular emerald blue green Destin FL waters. The dolphins play regularly just off of your beach. Your sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking and you are surrounded with precious family and friends.

As you walk the powder white sands of the beach and the salt water laps at your feet,  you realize the only thing left on your wishlist is a sublime meal.  A meal that you don’t need to plan, shop for, prepare, serve or clean up after.  A meal that includes wines you don’t have to research. You want to offer your loved ones a private chef experience that you won’t have to set the table for.

The Board Chef has you covered for all of your Destin FL Private Chef needs. We are right here on the Emerald Coast and ready to serve.

Share a few simple details in the form above and you are on the way to a simply delicious and completely effortless experience; from setting the table to serving. The Board Chef provides wine selections, appetizers and your meal will finish with a delectable dessert.

Your job will be to simply relax and enjoy that stunning view. Contact Us now to book your meal!

Private Chef Destin FL

Cruise and Dine with Annmarie:

The “OnBoard” Chef!

You’re on a yacht bobbing gently in the crystal clear waters of the gulf, laughing with the dolphins and letting your stress drift away with the saltwater breeze. The table is set on the dock of your private yacht and your taste buds are ready for a feast at sea.

All that’s missing is food that meets the occasion, as detailed or as simple as your heart requires. Our Destin FL private chef service provides full service, cooked onboard or prepared in advance, one of a kind menus or simply amazing artistic charcuterie spreads that will complement the view and encourage once in a lifetime conversation and connection.

Need a yacht, pontoon and or even a tiki?  Let The Board Chef help plan your time at sea from start to finish. Contact Us now to book your meal!

Private Chef Destin FL

Private Chef Services ABOVE the Emerald Coast!

The plane is sleek and ready, the stairs are down, the clouds are white and puffy  and you are excited to take off into the wild blue yonder.  But, food? 

Because there is no Publix, drive throughs or Mimmo’s at 30,000 ft, you need to plan a hot minute ahead.  Offering all contained, labeled and meal inclusive boxes to make your trip home delicious. 

The Board Chef has extensive experience serving multiple personal and shared small aircraft and understands that while you might not have tastebuds up there, your inflight food can still be amazing.

Contact Us now to book your meal!

Private Chef Destin FL

Does the Board Chef offer…..

Family Style Meals?

Meals from start to finish delivered in oven able and microwavable containers.  Zero mess.  Zero fuss.  Heat, set out, feast.  


Absolutely.  The Board Chef has their Wine and Beer license and will offer mid-range selections tailored to complement and enhance your meal choices.


Of course!  Let’s tailor your meal to your individual needs, wants and budget.  Your experience needs to be all about you, your guests, your event.


Five star reviews on Facebook, Google and The Board Chef webpage.  Our goal is to provide exceptional one-of-a-kind service, on land, sea or in the air.

Private Chef Destin FL by Sea